What we teach:

Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist
     Shao-Lin Kung Fu is the most complete and effective form of self defense, practiced in the world today. This powerful art which teaches punching, kicking, throwing, and grappling (Chin Na), was developed by the Shao-Lin Temple, which was built in the Hunan Province of Northern China in 495 A.D. Over the next fifteen hundred years, the Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist style of Kung Fu grew into the most complete, and effective martial art system in China and throughout the world. Students of Shao-Lin Long Fist learn close, middle, and long range techniques, as well as grappling, joint locks (Chin Na), and ground fighting. A wide variety of traditional Chinese weapons are also taught.

Praying Mantis (Tang Lang Chuan)
       Wang Lang created Praying Mantis Boxing at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Wang Lang like many other boxers was attempting to challenge and defeat a Shao-Lin monk. Shao-Lin Boxing was the premier boxing method in China and arguably the world at this time. After some unsuccessful attempts to defeat Shao-Lin monks, Wang Lang realized he needed another method. He based his new method on the movements of the praying mantis. With his new techniques Wang Lang was able to prevail over a Shao-Lin monk. Later, Monkey style foot work was adopted to compliment the Praying Mantis hand techniques.
Speed is very important to the praying mantis and so it is with the Praying Mantis boxer. This style uses emphasizes combination, particularly techniques that quickly move from one to the next. A principle is to use three or more techniques in a quick combination to find or make an opening in the opponent’s defense. These flowing combinations give Praying Mantis forms a fluid appearance.

Tai Chi Chuan
     Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of exercise created for the purpose of improving one's Quality of life, by attaining greater mental and physical health, and well being. The health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are numerous. Tai Chi Chuan is easily recognized by its soft, graceful, flowing movements, and its peaceful and calm demeanor. Although Tai Chi Chuan is a very sophisticated style of Kung Fu, most people see the practice of Tai Chi Chuan as a form of "moving meditation," Creating in the practitioner , a sense of calmness, spiritual growth and fulfillment.